Slots Variations

There are over 100 variations of slot machines and maybe even more but all of them still are much like the first slots. New modern slot machines have all the characteristics of the original slots which makes it very easy to play them. However, as technology develops, games are improved and the new versions are much faster, brighter and more amusing than their predecessors in the history of slot machines.

Here we will list the most popular types of slot machines to help you make the correct choice of which game to play. For a better understanding of the slot types we advise you to look at the special diagram showing the differences and similarities of all slots games.

Classic and Video Slots

As you know, all slots can be divided into two basic groups - classic and video slots. Originally classic and video games were based on different technology and that is why the new games that used special gaming software instead of mechanically spinning reels were known as video slots while the older 3-reel models were called classic slots. Today the main difference between these games is the number of reels.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are slot games with 3 spinning reels and classic symbols including bars, sevens, cherries, liberty bells, etc. They are derived from the original 3-reel slot machines that were also known as one-armed bandits. Unlike the first 3-reel slots, modern classic slots can have different themes, offer bonus features and progressive payouts. As a rule classic slots have 1 payline, sometimes up to 5 paylines. Some classic slots are high-roller games with high maximum bets.

Video Slots

Video slots are slot machines that use gaming software instead of mechanical drums with pictures on them. Today most land slot machines and all online slots are video games, however 3-reel slots are traditionally not included in this category. Video slots are themed games and as a rule use original sounds, animation, provide additional bonuses on the reels and extra screen. There are also progressive games among video slots.

Multi-reel Slots

All slot games, both online and offline, can be grouped according to the number of reels. The 3-reel slots are traditionally known as classic games and slot machines with more than 3 spinning reels are multi-reel slots. We have already said much about classic games and now let's consider games with more spinning reels that become more and more popular among casino players.

  • 5-reel slots use more paylines than classic games - up to 100 paylines
    F5-reel slots use more
    paylines than classic
    5-reel slots are the most popular among multi-reel slot games as they are usually themed and offer variety of bonuses. 5-reel slots use a bigger number of paylines than classic 3-reel games - sometimes up to 50 or even 100 paylines. The bonus features are free spins, bonus rounds on the reels and a second screen as well as multiplier. Some of the 5-reel machines provide progressive slots jackpots. If you play online, you can find lots of 5-reel video slots with animation, interesting themes, and original music.
  • 7-reel slots usually do not offer any special features and bonuses
    7-reel slots usually do
    not offer special bonus
    7-reel slots are the new online slot games in the industry. These games have 7 reels, and tend not to have bonus features or any special symbols. They have a small number of paylines - up to 10. The number of symbols on the spinning reels is smaller compared to 5-reel slots. 7-reel slot games may seem to be quite challenging, however the rules of winning money may be easier than the standard ones (when all symbols pay from left to right).
  • 9-reel online slots use vertical paylines in addition to horizontal and diagonal
    9-reel online slots also
    use vertical paylines
    9-reel slots are a new invention of online casinos. In fact, 9-reel machines look like classic 3-reel slots, and the only difference is that each slot with the symbols that appear on the screen spins independently. Usually 9-reel slots have not only horizontal and diagonal paylines, but vertical lines as well. These games offer extra bonus features and progressive payouts allowing you to win more than at any other slot game.

Multi-payline Slots

Slots paylines
Most online slots have multiple lines up to 100

Multi-payline slots are slot machines with more than 1 payline. The first machines of this kind were three-reel slots (with one payline in the middle, one on top and one below). If one of the paylines has a winning combination, the player wins. However, you can bet on all three paylines only if you insert the maximum amount of coins, because, if you bet only on two lines, and the third line has a winning combination, you will win nothing.


i-Slots are 5-reel themed slot games exclusively developed by Rival. In addition to traditional features i-slots provide extra bonus features such as extra bonus games on the second screen, animated images, original sounds and a definite game plot. All this makes the games more absorbing and interesting to play. All i-Slots are 5-reel multi-denomination games with different maximum and minimum bets, number of paylines and various payouts. Some i-Slots are in fact the series of games with the same theme.

Progressive Slots

Slots jackpot
First electromechanical Money
Progressive slots offer the highest prizes

One of the most popular and well-liked slots types with the highest prizes are progressive slots. These are slot games that offer a high jackpot which grows with every game that is played. The jackpot comprises a set starting amount and a percentage from each bet put in. This means that from each bet made by a player a percentage is added to the jackpot until it is won, and when the jackpot is hit, a new one starts growing from a starting amount.

Players can track the growth of the jackpot in a special window in front of the slot machine. If you look for online slots with progressive payouts, look at the list of slots jackpots from different software providers illustrated with the special graphs that show the growth of each progressive jackpot every 7 days.

Bonus Slots

Slots scatter symbol
Get extra bonuses by betting max at
bonus multiplier slots

Bonus slots are slot games which provide a player with an additional chance to win - special bonus features such as free spins and bonus rounds. The number of extra spins offered for free can vary from several spins up to hundreds. The bonus round or bonus game is a special feature allowing the player to win additional money on the reels or special second screen. Both free spins and bonus games add fun to the game and make it more captivating. Bonus slots can be progressive as well.

As a rule, most 5-reel video slots offer the maximum number of bonuses, however classic games with 3 spinning reels can also have bonus features. All bonus online slots are themed and animated games.

Special Slot Features

In addition to bonuses that allow the player to increase the bankroll, slot games have lots of special features that also influence the player's odds. The most common among them are:

1. Wild
Wild is a special slot symbol which substitutes any other symbol on the reels when occurring in the winning combination. Almost all online slots have a wild, whether 3-reel classics or 5-reel video games.

2. Scatter
Scatter or scattered symbol is usually used to create slot combination that pays the progressive jackpot or any of the offered bonuses. As a rule, a scatter pays in any position on the reels.

3. Multiplier
Multiplier is a slot symbol which multiplies the winnings when it occurs on the reels, usually in any position on the reels. Slots with multiplierare also known as multiplier slots.

4. Autoplay
Autoplay is a special slot function allowing the player to set the slot machine reels spinning automatically according to the chosen parameters. For example, the player can select the size of the bet per line, number of spins, or paylines and just start the game.

5. Skill stop
Skill stop option is a special button which allows the player to stop the spinning reels by himself at any moment of the gameplay.

Now all you have to do is choose a slot machine you'd like to play, check the paytable, the betting limits and get ready to be playing. Use our slots finder to select the games you prefer.



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