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    There are two kinds of hands on the game, the banker and the player. You can bet on the banker, player or bet a tie. All players are dealt with two cards face down. The hand with highest points wins so you need to make sure you look at the value of cards of you have. 2 to 9 have direct values on the casino so you whatever you have can you can easily count it. Ace is one point and Face cards have a zero value. More than ten points will only be counted of the last digit. For example, 12 points of will make you to have 2 points.

    Main Baccarat Types You Can Play

    There are many types of variations and you need to make sure you master some of them if you wish to have an excellent play.

    • Punto Banco, this is the commonest type in which players are always given the opportunity to play with casinos. Punters are players and casinos are the banks.
    • Chemin De Fer. This is where dealers only give and players can take more cards if the value of points is 5.
    • Baccarat en Banque-Rules are identical to Chemin De Fer but the difference is that you play with only three hands.
    • Super Pan 9-This is a popular American type of Baccarat known to be started by dealing two cards at first.  You can ask for a 4th card if you want to so that you increase your points value.

    There are other types of available but they are not so popular compared to these ones. It is important to know the variation of Baccarat you want to start playing so that you don’t make mistakes that could cost your winnings.

    Tips to Start Winning Baccarat

    Always make sure you play Baccarat when you are sober and you are sure your mind can make the most appropriate choices. If you play games and your mind is not appropriately thinking, you will make mistakes. Never bet on a tie because even though odds are super fine, the chances of winning are very low. More important is to take your time and practice a lot so that you are able to play nicely at all times.

    History of Baccarat

    It is known that the game begun in 1400 at Italy. The gambler by the name Felix Falgurien was the first one to gamble on the game. 100 years later, it was developed in France and up to now, it is being played online. The game is more advanced these days such that players can play it live on online casinos.

    Always play Baccarat on a reputable casino so that you are sure you will have the best experiences. If you get a bonus, utilize it so that you maximize your profits.



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