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    Have you ever played scratch games? If the answer is now, we should tell you one thing – you are missing out a lot! The truth is that his game is the most popular type on many gaming sites out there. Do you want to know how to play today?

    The basic idea is simple – you choose an online operator that allows playing for real money and you make a deposit. With the money that you have in your account, you purchase some scratch tickets, and experience the thrill of seeing whether it is the winning ticket or not. Each game might last for only several seconds, but is hardly to match the excitement you feel during that time.

    The greatest thing about these games is that they have been taken to a new level by online gaming providers. The developers now have all sorts of themes, and you can pick your favorite game based on that. Some of the options are even available with play money, which means you can test them for free and see whether those type of tickets and the platform overall suit you.

    How to Play the Scratch Game

    It is one of the simplest gaming variations out there, which is the reasons why millions love them. You might have bought scratch cards in a lottery store at least once in your life. It used to be pretty popular decades ago. Either way, the idea is the same when you play online. You purchase tickets and scratch them. The only difference is that you use your mouse instead of your hands or a coin.

    You can add to the experience by using a touchscreen device, such as a tablet or smartphone. That way you can use your fingers and move them back and forth across the display to reveal the symbols on tickets. It is vital to find one of the sites that supports mobile gaming. Fortunately, many online providers have their Android and iOS apps these days, which means that shouldn’t be a problem.

    What Portable Devices Can I Use for Scratch Games?

    If you want to play this game on a portable device, we have good news for you. Many gaming providers support tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. The casinos offer apps that are free to download from their sites, and the only thing you need is an online connection. However, you will need to deposit funds to your real money account before you can start playing games.

    The majority of mobile devices will allow you to make a deposit via the app. We will talk about payment methods later, but with most of them you will be able to buy tickets in a matter of seconds. Make sure that you have an active internet connection because everything is done online.

    Here are some examples of devices you can use to play on gaming platforms:

    • Android – Huawei, Samsung, Sony, LG, and other companies design Android phones and tablets.
    • Apple – any devices that use iOS to run, including iPad and iPhone.
    • Windows – you can buy tablets and smartphones that use the Windows operating systems. Laptops also belong to portable devices, and they are often run on Windows and used to play games to win big money.
    • Blackberry – although not many casinos support these devices, you might still be able to play your favorite game online.

    The process of playing these games is similar regardless of the device you are using – search the app store of your phone for the preferred casino’s app. In some cases, you might need to download the app directly from the gaming sites. The good news is that the installation process is simple and you can play in a matter of minutes.

    How to Invest Real Money to Purchase Tickets

    Here is the great news – playing scratch games online is completely the same whether you play for free or decide to deposit actual cash. However, many players agree that finding sites that allow you to deposit and test your luck for real money takes your experience to the next level. It is much more fun and interesting, and you may spend hours purchasing tickets and trying to win big.

    The crucial thing to know is that many gaming providers will decide you to choose the value for each game. When you are on the casino sites, you can adjust different sums and pick the amount in line with your deposit and expected winnings.

    Assuming that you have money in your online account, here is how you can start playing your favorite game right away:

    • Pick the preferred option from the offered games
    • Enter how many tickets you want to buy
    • Choose the desired money wager to invest per ticket
    • Enjoy your time and try to win big!

    As you might assume, the money you can win directly depends on how much you paid for the card. That is the rule when playing online and it is the same regardless of your preferred sites to play.

    Depending on the game you choose, you can expect the main prize to be up to 10,000x from the money you invested. You can also pick special games with a progressive jackpot, similar to the one you might know from slot machines.  

    How to Withdraw Money You Win

    You made a deposit, purchased some tickets, played your favorite game online, and won! Allow us to congratulate you first, but let us also tell you that now you might be eligible for withdrawing that cash. The minimum sum needed to withdraw vary from one gaming platform to another, so make sure to check the set limit on your preferred sites.

    The online process of withdrawing contains similar steps to the ones you made when adding a deposit. Head to the cashier section of your provider and pick the cash out option. You will notice that there are several methods to pick to withdraw money.

    What you need to keep in mind is that the gaming operators will ask for your identification during the process. Not all of them will do so, but do not be surprised if you need to confirm your identity online. You can do that by sending the so-called proof of identity, which can be your playing card.

    The process of approving is quite straightforward and simple. You will notice the money you earned from scratch games in your account in a couple of days. The important thing to mention that the sum you won while playing online is the sum you will take home. Nobody will take anything from your game winnings apart from your card issuer or bank, which may charge a small fee.

    What Are My Chances to Win Big on Gaming Sites?

    We will focus on analyzing scratch games that you can play on online platforms. The return to player percentage is far higher than when you purchase tickets at your local retailer, which is why you should consider making a deposit. Compared to about 60-70% of the RTP for offline games, online operators will return 90% of more to players.

    As you might assume, that doesn’t mean the sites guarantee you will get 90% of your money back. It is an average rate that the gaming provider returns to players that pick to play on their platform.

    You do not need to be an expert to figure out that the better the RTP, the better your odds at having winning tickets. No rule exists when it comes how much you need to deposit to start winning. If you are lucky enough, even small deposit can bring big winning and make you one of the most successful players in internet gaming.

    What Are the Available Payment Methods in Internet Casinos?

    Different gaming sites will have different methods of adding funds to your account and withdrawing them. The difference you need to know is that some payment options are instant, which means you will have funds available in your account as soon as you make a deposit, while other methods require some patience.

    In general, credit cards like Visa and MasterCard guarantee that your deposit will be immediately added to your account. The same applies to Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and most of the e-wallets. Some other methods, such as classic bank transfer and cheque, might take several business days for the sites to process.

    Once you have the funds available in your account, you can start purchasing the tickets and trying to win at your favorite game.

    Wrap Up

    Many of the games that were popular among older generations have now found their place on the internet sites. Instead of scratching your tickets with a coin, you can keep your hands clean and do everything online. It is equally exciting, and you have the option of choosing the desired bet. That will automatically decide the available prizes, but you can increase the award pool additionally if you choose a game with a progressive jackpot. The numerous options you have at your disposal are the reason why you should make a deposit and play today. Perhaps you are the next winner of a life-changing sum!



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