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    To speak about Playtech in the online casino industry is like talking of the gods in ancient Greek mythology.  They're one of the most important betting services providers in the world, with offices in 17 countries and gambling licenses in more than 12. In the casino world, they're everywhere.

    Founded in 1999 by a group of gaming industry professionals in Tatu, Estonia, they worked hard for four years to get their first casino licensee. After that, their massive success at hosting iPoker network, followed by a series of acquisitions, and approval for business in countries like Italy and Spain, launched the company to its actual success.

    But, one could say many companies in the online casino industry have followed this path before, and have failed. What are the critical decisions that made Playtech succeed where others failed?

    Never Stop Thinking As The Client

    There is no magic formula for success in any commercial field. But there are sure some key points that can't miss and that have been proven to help you escalate in the ladder.

    Playtech games are now focused on two things form a gaming point of view. The first one is to consider players' experience as the primary guide for every decision they make in game developing and interface design. The client is always right, and all of their software developers and creative designers have tattooed that in their brains.

    Secondly, but equally important, there is the matter of omnipresence. A game won't make it to the streets until it has a proven functionality in all platforms, mobile, desktop, tablets, and even brick-and-mortar casino machines when it's convenient. They have planned for this over the years, and now they're reaping the benefits of thinking forward.

    Smart Playtech strategies to learn from

    ­Ok. Let's say that they got into the clients' shoes and that worked for them when it comes to game design and interpreting the market's needs. But what about their financial and business approach?

    Playtech considers two particular aspects that have worked for them in the past. The first is never to underestimate retail gambling. If you're putting together a whole ecosystem in which the player is feeling comfortable, why not take him directly to the final product? What would be wrong about handling that with all of their experience? It's all about building a brand's name in the mind of a customer.

    Also, they consider that generating a substantial chain in every product helps them get the players to migrate inside their network for other entertainment opportunities. If you're inside a store you already like, and you get bored of watching A, you can move to another part of that store to watch B.

    They aim for the customer to never leave the store. By gaining the players' trust, and becoming a message of safety and having a good time, Playtech aims to win more space in the industry.

    A recent step in that direction has been the launch of their Playtech BGT Sports, which they think will help them bring new players to their online games, such as free slots, to later engage them into playing mobile slots or other casino games from their portfolio.

    What is next for a company that always seems to be one step ahead?

    Is no lie that they're betting big on retail gambling. According to their marketing studies, people still love the feel of sitting in front of a machine and have their earnings handed in by a person, not wired to their bank accounts. When you think of it, it's not elegant.

    They have special confidence about the fusion between retail and online casino games, which is why they have developed a technology called Gaming Platform As a Service, that will enable software developers and operators to personalise the offer of their games. It's a revolutionary concept that defies the common sense of absolute control in the industry.

    They expect this new feature to give them a strategic advantage against their competitors, by genuinely connecting to all the channels any player may choose to bet money. It looks like they're aiming to surround the player with excellent services, with the hope to make them not turn around elsewhere when searching for entertainment.

    There's another feature they're willing to implement in short regarding players' payment options. It's the Playtech Single Wallet, which got their software engineer William Hill an award for innovation in 2017.

    The PSW is a feature that will enable players to use the same bankroll across all their sports and casino games, including their omnichannel vision. That means you might win while playing your favourite mobile slot, and then spend those earning in a bet for Manchester United at your local retail gambling store. It's the same wallet. Brilliant.

    If you've had enough about the corporate approach of Playtech, and want some action, we won't blame you.

    We can recommend a few games that are celebrated among Playtech's fans due to their great graphics, sounds, and mostly, their Return To Player percentage. Consider playing one of these and good luck!

    • A night out: Playtech casinos Highest RTP slot, at an outstanding 97.06%. It includes a built-in lottery game that will grant you 10,000 times your bet if you guess the lottery numbers from the special game right.
    • Desert Treasure: RTP of 97.05%. Gather three scatters to go for some free spins, and try retriggering them. Not the latest in graphics, but hey, retake a look at that RTP percentage.
    • Iron Man 2: A 25-liner with almost 96% in RTP rate. Go for those Eagle Medallions and Iron Man logos to perform some multiplier combos!



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