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    International Game Technology is a global gaming leading company committed to providing their customers with modern, scalable and relevant services, currently with the most extensive and varied gambling platform in the world.

    Its history began in 1975, founded by William Redd. His success and unstoppable growth started with poker machine products, like 1996's Wheel of Fortune.

    "Wheel" was created and nowadays continues to be a favourite gaming television show, more achievements occurred with years in 2006 they develop electronic board titles that allow the option of multiple players and 2010 they already counted with more than two million slot machines.

    Their slot games grew up rapidly; currently, they count with services in all the markets, which include lottery, sports betting, interactive online casino games, slot machines, mobile slots and other casino titles, available in more than 100 countries.

    The primary objective of the company is to combine realistic graphics and sounds to achieve a unique experience in different types of platforms; they play with different technological and mechanical options and direct their market more and more towards the online casino games to compensate the demand.

    More about their offers

    Being a company with a long evolutionary path, it has a lot of entertainment options that include even free IGT slots online with no sign up required with more than 100 IGT games available a lot of languages.

    Among the services that it offers, always looking to provide the best entertainment, you can find:

    • Different casino systems that for many years have ensured complete monitoring of the game despite vast geographical area and the millions of players who connected through in IGT casinos, a network that operates with unsurpassed integrity.
    • Slot machines with multiple up-to-date features: You can interact from your mobile with 'sany slot machine of your preference, and it will acquire your information automatically, name and point balance, information that will only be maintained while the phone is with you.
    • Video gaming: They are among the world leaders in visual, auditory quality that ensures fun that connects millions of users throughout the world with leading positions in North America and Italy.
    • Lottery: The company counts with both online and paper lottery and is responsible for managing all kinds of activities, including advertising campaigns with the most attractive promotions, problem-solving, and payment of awards. The company currently has around 40,000 terminals and sells more than 60,000 tickets per point of sale.
    • Sports betting: As if it was not enough with their extensive catalogue of titles, they also have sports betting. You can, while having fun with free slots, bet on the game that does not stop haunting you in your head.
    • International connection: all its authorised games on the Internet or mobile networks, managing to develop interaction from users in Africa, Africa, America, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Oceania, through online casino games, such as Bingo Poker and IGT Slots, you will not believe where your opponent may be playing
    • Global responsibility: This company is fully committed to the environment, adopting strategies that help reduce the impact that their business currently has, and take measures that seek to minimise the use of energy and fuel in their offices and production sites.

    “No matter where our business is, IGT is committed to winning business the right way."

    Marco Sala IGT's Chief Executive Officer

    However, the market evolves and with it the competition for which companies seek to create new alternatives that attract a more significant number of customers, the experience of virtual games promises an alternative environment to the physical casinos that ensure to catch our attention.

    Are virtual-reality games already here?

    IGT casinos and their online casino games have always been characterised for developing and delivering the most compelling content for their customers across multiple channels and platforms, always seeking strategies to improve the experience of their users and their associated companies.

    We know that as the population evolves, every time the consumer wants to feel more connected to the game, and this is why you can find IGT games in 3D with high definition, tables multiplayer tables that transmit in real time, mobile casinos, IGT slots that you can operate with your mobile, and many other alternatives that seemed impossible years ago.

    Movies from our childhood and new games nowadays can come to life thanks to virtual reality (VR) designed to give us experiences we thought we could only dream with, letting us get away from the external environment and their concerns and diving in a fantastic world, but will this be possible with gambling games?

    The company expects that next step will ensure its maintenance as the world's leading end-to-end gaming company, allowing their customers to play even more real every time and as always delivering the experience and the innovation that players seek.

    "IGT's Virtual Zone represents an exciting evolution of modern-day casino entertainment, and an important step in diversifying IGT's portfolio with unique offerings that can differentiate our customers' casino floors and entertain a broad demographic of players,"

    Enrico Drago, IGT SVP Global Product Marketing Interactive, Betting & Licensing

    IGT's Virtual Zone

    IGT has been associating with HTC VIVE ™, the leader in Premium Virtual Reality, to bring virtual-reality (VR) to the platform of IGT casinos, in this way they provide its users with scenarios that allow them from a physical installation, to perform tournaments and enjoy games under the comfort, security, spaces and effects that only the Virtual reality zone of IGT can provide.

    This association marks another step in the history of IGT games, which demonstrates once again that creativity and commitment to the user are among the top of their priorities, leaving us always anxious to know what the next step of this company will be.



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