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    Have you heard of comics slots? We have all read a comic magazine at some point in our lives. Some of us are still avid readers of the same. We can never miss a copy of the most recent issue of the magazine. These are the stories of our favorite characters doing their level best to save the day. They defeat villains by themselves or with the help of their superhero friends. Heroes are more often than not, our admiration or the models of our kids. Their popularity as themes for home products and equipment is unbeatable.

    It is with this same enthusiasm that software providers for online developed videos and games based on this category. Newbies and gaming experts can access themed games and live their dream.

    Rising popularity of comic video and games

    Most of us have heard or seen super power heroes. We have watched them on cartoon channels, movie theatres, themed toys, posters, utensils and so much more. With so much to borrow from, these ideas were conceived. Players have virtual platforms to access and engage in videos of their all-time favorite heroes. One can now connect with the hero far beyond the storybook or the movie theatre.

    Comics-themed free slot machines providers

    Over the years, DC studios and Marvel Studios have remained the main brands behind these products. There are other smaller companies, manufacturers and printers that have a share in this multi-billion industry. The two main giants have individual lists of comic videos to their names. This is definitely good news for any player as it depicts variety. Each of the videos is copyrighted to the mother-studio and is not replicable to other companies.

    Key Features of free comics slots

    Players visiting the online site offering any themed material for the very first time will be dumbfounded when they play. Why you ask? The similarity between the sounds and snippets from the movie are astounding. Players get to experience a real feel of the actual movie in a virtual gambling world. Simply put, they get to live it and access it for free. All these are a replica of the character for example superman. Players playing with Marvel providers can expect to enjoy some of the following titles:

    • Avengers offered by Playtech
    • Iron Hulk and Captain America are also part of Avengers

    DC fans, on the other hand, get to enjoy Daredevil which is offered by Playtech software providers.

    The catch of each free slot games? Each of the characters has his or her unique superpower. Tap these superpowers and these guarantees you wins at the reels or the next bonus round.

    In conclusion

    Gaming enthusiasts with a love of our superheroes get a chance to enjoy both worlds. Newbies are advised to play the free video slots and after mastering the skills, they can move to gambling with real money as the experts in these categories do.



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