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    Sumo Kitty online slot is one of the many slot machine video games developed by Bally technologies. Sumo is a type of wrestling and the name of the video simply means a cat that plays sumo wrestling. Themed-slots have become quite popular as players look for games that are fun, entertaining and rewarding at the end of the day.

    Sumo Kittys Interface

    Bally technologies has gown a notch higher to improve the overall gaming experience by incorporating a V2 cabinet in the slot game. The vertical portrait which measures about 32 inches has two specific purposes: it increases the scatter payouts and enhances the cartoon themed features. Another key feature of the Sumo Kitty online slot  is the Uwin bonus option which awards players with bonus games through the LCD button on its interface. The interface is pretty straight forward and all the information is available on the pay tables.

    Bonus Features

    Sumo Kitty online slot has multiple bonus features to keep players longer the game and to help them increase their chances of winning. Players can opt for bonus games or free spins on the slot machine. Each free spin in the game has different multipliers for example 10 extra spins in the game have 5, 7 or 10 time multipliers. Bonus features are activated after the gambler plays at least 151 rounds on the reels. Payouts from the bonus feature are 4x the wager placed.

    Mobile Version

    Sumo Kitty online slot does not have a mobile version. However, it can also be accessed through the web version in online casinos. The version is available is a paid option or a free version. Place real money and stand a chance two walk away with huge winnings. Minimum wagering amount is 1 cent and the maximum amount is 500 dollars. The web version is user-friendly and the paylines are very high compared to other similar options.



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