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    The Spinions Beach Party, five reels and twenty pay line, is an online slot game. It is a new version of the minions, in the movie Despicable Me. Here, you will find little orange characters having fun at the beach! With thousands of adorable figurines, you won't get bored of the games.

    What's the game's purpose? You need to find the royal family from the crowd! There are five logos you should know to get clues.

    Why Choose Quickspin Casino? As you progress, you won't encounter lags and nuisance from playing free slots. The bonuses are abundant, and you can play slots for real money without any limit.

    Five Video Slot Symbols

    Scatter Card

    When you land on three to four sunscreen images, you gain a chance to play free slot machines. What is it? It lets you crack the codes and jump to the next level.

    Bonus Round

    If you see Slippers in your reels, you should click on it fast! You have two seconds before it disappears. What will you get? You can receive twice the amount of betting price.

    Water Blast

    The Water Blast round is only available once to twice a month, and 50% of users see this unique gem. Find the water gun and win ten spins.

    Wild Figure

     It is the crazy card that has the power to copy an image you pick which means you'll be able to partner up certain symbols and win huge bonuses. The bouncy ball is the wild logo.

    Example: Your pay line bet accumulated to $20. If there are three to four bouncy balls (in second, fourth, and fifth position), you will get back your $20.

    Jackpot Card

    You need five crowns in a straight line to be one step closer to winning the jackpot worth 10k dollars.

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