Lottery Sportstake 13

Do you know what is the most important out of all the non-important things out there? If the answer to that question was football, you were right. For all football lovers out there, we have good news – you can participate in Sportstake 13, a new lottery game that you can play on a national level.

It is the perfect opportunity to watch football matches and support your favorite teams while having the chance to win the lottery and get tempting prizes that could change your life.

In this article, we will reveal all the details about Sportstake. That way you can determine whether you like this national lottery or it is not your cup of tea.

Sportstake 13 Overview

Here is how Sportstake works – the lottery operator chooses 13 football fixtures scheduled to be played in the next several days. The national company will ensure that they make a mix of matches from the national league with the strong European league fixtures, such as La Liga or Premier League.

The goal of Sportstake is to guess what the outcome of the specified 13 games. Nobody even asks you to guess the exact result of the match – it is enough to guess the winners (or draws) to win the lottery. You have three betting options in this national level game:

  • 1 – pick the home side to win
  • X – predict that it will be a draw
  • 2 – pick the away side to win

Based on your knowledge, you should predict one of the offered outcomes for every match. Mark them clearly on your bet slip and purchase a ticket. Keep in mind that the national operator requires that the minimum value of the slip is R2, although you can invest up to R2,000 per slip. However, that is the maximum amount for this lottery.

Once you do that, your Sportstake 13 ticket is ready. The only thing left now is to follow the matches, root for the chosen teams, and the results will tell you if you won. The results published on the Ithuba national lottery website are the relevant ones.

The great thing about Sportstake is that the national operator will count all abandoned matches that haven’t been continued until the predicted deadline as winning. That means the matches that are abandoned or postponed for whatever reason do not affect your lottery ticket in a bad way.

While we are talking about rules, let’s mention that there is no option to choose more than a single outcome. The national company requires you to pick one outcome and hope for the best.

Sportstake Prize Pool

As with any other lottery, we are sure that you are interested in the Sportstake prize pool. The national operator is pretty generous with the lottery prizes for this game. They ensure that half of all the ticket sales will be returned to those who play Sportstake.

The national company even ensured different categories of prizes.

Here is how the division works:

  • Category I – 30% of the pool, you need to guess the right outcome of all 13 matches
  • Category II – 15% of the funds for 12 correctly predicted games
  • Category III – 20% of the pool for lottery ticket owners that guessed 11 outcomes
  • Category IV – 35% of the fund for those participants who predicted ten outcomes

As you might expect, you will share your prizes with all those who are in the same category on a national level. For example, if you predict all 13 matches correctly, and two other lottery ticket owners have the same level of luck, all three of you will split 30% of the pool. Rest assured that this sum will still be extremely tempting and reason enough to test your luck in Sportstake.

The Ithuba national operator also ensured to transfer any potential sums not won to the next round. So, if none of the players correctly predict all fixtures, the next lottery draw will offer increased award pool.

Where Can You Buy a Sportstake Ticket?

If you would enjoy playing this lottery with other players on a national level, you can purchase a ticket at your favorite retailer during the workweek. The servers are online until 11 PM, which means that you can buy a slip until late.

The rules are different when the Saturday comes because matches start on that day. National retailers will offer their lottery tickets from 6 AM, but you can only buy slips up to 30 minutes before the first fixture starts.

The rules of Sportstake seem quite simple. The lottery is optimized for football lovers, but you do not have any advanced knowledge to participate. Who knows, maybe the lady luck will smile to you. The important thing is that the lottery is organized by a reliable national company that you can trust. If you win something, you can rest assured that you will receive your winnings in the shortest possible timeframe.



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