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Looking for online themed slot games? We have grouped all slots according to the most popular themes offered by software providers such as holidays, history, animals, sport and others. Slot games on different themes use various symbols, original designs, sounds and bonuses. See all the themed slots and choose the one you really like.

5-reel "Fandango's"
Slots by Rival


By choosing to play themed slots from this category you can get into real adventures with pirates, treasure, spies, and real detective investigation. Whether you prefer 3-reel classics or 5-reel slots with bonuses you will find the games you like among adventure themed slots.

5-reel "Hillbillies"
Slots by RTG


Learn more about the lifestyle of the United States by choosing American themed slot games. Playing American slots you can learn all about the culture and the history of the country and win large prizes the same time. Get to know more about US Liberty, the Wild West and other American traditions.

3-reel "Chicken Little"
Slots by Rival


The list of slot games that are themed around animals and pets. You can try slots with different topics such as a dog's life, farm life, African jungles, Australian animals, birds and many more. Animals themed slot machines are both classic and video slot games with additional options and bonus features.

5-reel "Vegas Party"
Slots by Vegas Tech


Try the casinos themed slots and experience the real atmosphere of Las Vegas! Get the list of the classic and video slots that use a casino theme and choose the one that suits your tastes. The casinos themed slots are very colorful and use symbols of Las Vegas night life, popular games and online casinos.

3-reel "Crazy Cherry""
Slots by VegasTech

Classic Symbols

Choose from the 3-reel slot games with classic symbols such as cherries, bars, diamonds, coins and sevens. All these games are classic slots with one payline and a minimum number of bonuses, however some of them are modern-style slots with progressive jackpot and up to 5 paylines.

5-reel "Parrot Party"
Slots by Vegas Tech


If you are looking for slot games with themes about music, circuses and vacations you must try any of the entertainment themed slots. Play these captivating slots with interesting symbols including pictures of magicians, musical instruments, circus animals, and clowns.

5-reel "Shia Safavids
Treasure" Slots
by TopGame

Fairy Tale

Fairy tale themed slots are based on popular Arabian and Italian stories about fairy characters. Here you will find magic forest animals, princes and princesses, legendary kings and queens, treasures, brave heroes and magic. Play fairy tale slots for fun!

3-reel "Sweet's Surprise 3
Slots by TopGame


Want to try something extraordinary? Here you can find all the food themed slots with dishes, hamburgers, pizzas, cakes, and drinks spinning on the reels. There is a great choice of food slots with different bonus features and high chances to win good money prizes.

3-reel "Fruit Slot 1 Line"
Slots by TopGame


A great selection of traditional fruit slots that are pleasant to play. Don't miss the chance to play the world's favorite fruit themed slots with nice symbols including cherries, pineapples, oranges, watermelons, bananas, lemons, kiwis, pears, plums and many more, in fact whatever you like.

5-reel "Boy King's
Slots by RTG


The Wild West, Aztec civilizations, Ancient Egypt and Greece, Samurais and Gladiators are now featured in slot games. To go back to olden times you only need to start playing these history themed slots with bright symbols and original sounds. A great number of history slots are progressives.

5-reel "Winter Wonders"
Slots by Rival


We invite you to celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year and American Independence Day at slot machine games. You can spend some time playing these themed slots with high money prizes on your favorite holidays.

5-reel "Monster Money"
Slots by Vegas Tech


Play popular horror themed slots with monsters, witches, werewolves, zombies, vampires, skeletons, black cats, rats and bats. Enjoy the intimidating characters and scary music, high payouts and generous bonus features when playing slots on the Internet!

5-reel "Cupid's Arrow"
Slots by Rival


The slot games in this category use romantic symbols such as cupids, teddy bears, roses, hearts, enjoyable music and beautiful red and pink colors. Love slots are best on Valentine's Day. All love themed slot machines feature good bonuses including free spins and bonus games.

5-reel "Diablo 13"
Slots by TopGame


By choosing to play magic slots you can find yourself in the world of black magic with witches, magic wands, crystal ball, black cats, unicorns, castles, tarot cards, oracles, wizards and spell books. Magic themed slots are great to celebrate Halloween as well as for everyday play.

5-reel "Haunted Opera"
Slots by RTG


All about Hollywood, movie making, comedy and adventure, real film superstars and the luxury life of celebrities - in movies slots. If you are interested in movies and show business these themed slots are for you. In addition to great themes the games often have high money prizes and bonuses.

3-reel "Luck of the Irish"
Slots by VegasTech


Themed slots about the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the United States, France, China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Scotland and other countries, regions and areas. Play American, European and Asian slots and travel around the world with a few clicks of the mouse.

5-reel "Rock On"
Slots by Rival


If you are looking for something interesting you must try retro slots with loads of cool themes, the 80's, rock and roll and the swinging sixties. Retro slots are very colorful and use funny symbols such as hippies, retro home appliances, cars and musical instruments.

5-reel "Mister Money"
Slots by RTG


Riches slots are themed slot games about the life of millionaires and celebrities, luxury, money and jewelry. All the games offer good wins and use exciting symbols such as diamonds, cash piles, gold bars, oil barrels, expensive cars, cruise liners, luxury houses, and yachts.

5-reel "Ocean Treasure"
Slots by Rival


Among the sea slots you can find the games using symbols associated with the undersea world, legendary treasures, sea voyages and fishing, including sharks, anchors, seashells, ships, yachts, steering wheels and treasure chests. All sea slots can be played for fun and real money.

5-reel "Green Meanies"
Slots by Vegas Tech


Just choose any game from the list of space slots and take an exciting space trip. Play themed slots with space ships, astronauts, aliens, UFOs, satellites, black holes and unfriendly planets, all for the chance of hitting huge money prizes during the bonus rounds and free spins.

5-reel "Money Shot"
Slots by Vegas Tech


The sport slots use different sport themes including the Olympic Games, car and horse racing, golf, sumo wrestling, surfing, American and European football, baseball, and basketball. Most of the games use animated symbols, as well as offer extra bonus features and can be played for fun money.

5-reel "Paradise Dreams"
Slots by RTG


The fascinating travel themed slots feature tickets, trains, exotic cocktails, airplanes, sea islands, maps, ships, cameras, passports, buses, and suitcases. Travel whenever you want when playing online slot games of different types.

5-reel "Honey to the Bee"
Slots by RTG


Here are the online slot games that do not correspond to any of the theme categories. Choose any one of these games and you can play games of unique themes and topics such as science, school, house repairs and many others.



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