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    Contrary to popular believe, our beloved fruits didn't show up at the very beginning of slots. They got very close though, because 17 years after 1889's invention of a slot that included horseshoes, card symbols, and even a cracked bell, fruits were presented to gain our love and remain as a celebrated icon of the gambling industry.

    Ever since, they have walked the path of the casino industry up until now. The classic 3-reel slots went from witnessing fights in bars and brick-and-mortar casinos, to the top of the online game industry as one of the favourite machines.

    A tradition low in sodium and calories

    There's something special about getting to play with watermelons, bananas, pineapples, and oranges spin to get us money. Not to leave behind the precious cherry, star of many casino game machines and fruit video slots. You'll find it across many platforms, in all languages and game consoles.

    Fruit games are also associated to playability and ease of access. fruit-machines slots are generally easy to learn, don't have complicated themes, and have very clear combinations and game mechanics. Fruit machines are perfect for starters and completely disconnecting from your daily routine.

    Contents of typical Fruit-machines slots

    The original game symbols of the fruit slots were cherries, lemons, watermelons, and oranges. We now have a wide variety of them, perfect for a nice salad of entertainment!

    At first, you could play with these machines in 3 reels. Matching the three cherries in a row was the biggest achievement and it paid good money–that is, after they went from offering drinks, chewing gum, and cigarettes back in the day. They now have evolved into amazing experiences that involve up to 7 reels on video fruit slots–and pay real money!

    A great thing very few people know about getting to play with fruit machines and games is that they're almost always packed with great extras and offers. To distinguish themselves from other fruit slots, operators offer bonus rounds with the traditional game symbols to make players fall in love with them.

    That way, when someone who loves a game of fruits online enjoys an overwhelming experience involving extra spins, bonus rounds, and unique benefits, chances of returning to play or even gambling real money go up.

    Fruit games by developer

    Now that you're about to play some fruit titles, we recommend Fruit Zen and Fruit Bat Crazy by Betsoft Gaming, Fruit Blast and Fruit Candy by MicroGaming, and Hot Chance by Novomatic. Of course, the slots' universe regarding this them is so vast; no space ship would be able to visit all of it. You're in for a treat if you develop a taste for this sort of casino games!



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