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    The never ending combat of good and evil that is the main topic of nearly all fairy-tales is at the very center of these fairy-tales slots as well. Popular fairy tales from all parts of the world have served as great inspiration to the folks who make video slots, which is why there is at least one fairy tale slot about every famous fairy tale out there.

    As you would expect, slots based on fairy-tales will take you into one of the many magical lands described in tales such as Beauty and the Beast and Jack and the Beanstalk. This means you will encounter lots of princes and damsels in distress, witches and fairies and trolls and goblins on the reels of these games.

    Fairy-tale slots are often only loosely based on popular fairy tales but sometimes look at things from quite a different perspective. In either case, the characters and events in these games will be quite familiar to any true fans of the magical world of fairy-tales.

    Kill the Witch and Save the Kingdom

    Fairy-tales are really all about the combat of human kind against evil, with evil usually depicted through a character like a witch of a demon. In many fairy-tale slots you will have a similar task and many bonus games in these slots will give you a chance to combat such evil creatures yourself.

    If taking on the role of prince charming and saving the kingdom from its nefarious enemies was always your dream, you need only pick your fairy-tale slot and get started. The game symbols in every fairy tale slot are derived directly from the tale in question, so expect to see quite a few rotten apples, shining swords and witches with crooked noses on the paylines of these games.

    Depending on which fairy tale slot you pick, the characters and symbols may even not be so familiar, as there are quite a few slots derived from tales you may not have read as a child. This is in fact a great way to get familiar with different cultures such as Chinese or Japanese culture by playing a fairy tale slot based on one of their popular children’s stories.

    Become a Knight Today!

    There is really no reason to wait any longer. Join an online casino and pick the first fairy-tale slot you want to play. With hundreds of games available for selection, we are confident that every aspiring knight will find the right battle for himself.

    The real trick is that unlike live slots, online slots don’t require you to risk anything. Once you choose your fairy-tale slot, you will quickly realize that you can play completely free, without risking a cent. If you grow tired of playing for practice, you can play for real money as well and risk some cash to try and uncover all the great treasures held in the vaults of castles and the hidden dungeons of evil.



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