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    The beauty and versatility of our world’s wildlife is unparalleled by anything else. When we talk about animals, this includes pets, wild beasts in the jungles and even fantasy creatures, and you can find them all in these animal slots.

    Animals have been a common theme for slot makers since the early days of the casino software industry, probably because there is nothing that melts people’s hearts like little puppies and kittens or goofy pandas, dolphins and birds.

    Today, there are quite literally thousands of animal-themed slot games that players can choose from, especially when playing in the online casino environment. Whichever your favorite animal is, we bet there is at least one game where it is the main character. If not, than your choice in animals is probably somewhat unique, but all you need to do is wait before such a slot emerges on the scene.

    Pet Friendly Online Casinos

    Whether you fall into the category of animal lovers and conservationists or you like to hunt and fish, animal style slots offer at least a good dozen slots that will appeal to you in many ways. From safari themed slots that happen in the heart of the jungle to slots with domestic animals like cows and goats, the versatility of animal slots matches that of the wildlife itself.

    The game symbols in these casino games include every type of animal you can imagine. The reels of these slots contain bears, birds, wolves, cats, dogs, pandas, dolphins, butterflies, bugs, horses and countless other living creatures from all parts of the world.

    In order to choose which game to play first, you should probably think in terms of habitats. If you like lions and elephants, pick a slot whose general theme has to do with savannah. Prefer farm animals? Find yourself a nice cozy slot that happens on a farm. Those who enjoy sea more than land can also find countless slots with schools of fish swimming through the reels and the choices just go on and on.

    Feel the Beauty of the Animal World

    The animal world is truly wonderful and versatile and slot game developers have clearly decided to give their players a chance to experience all of it. With hundreds of different titles that have one type of animal or another appearing on the screen, it is clear that animal lovers will always have a good game to play.

    Whether you are looking to play casino games for real money or simply enjoy spinning away these fantastic slots with no risk at all, you can do so at any online casino of your choosing. There are countless games to choose from and they are all available for no money in mobile and desktop versions alike. All you need to do to play them is join a casino of your choice and pick the game you want to start with without any money.



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