Powerball and Powerball Plus

If you are living in South Africa, the chances are that you are familiar with Powerball and Powerball Plus. The games of chance are quite popular on a natural level, and those that involve guessing the right numbers that will be drawn during a live drawing can bring huge jackpots.

The tempting main prize is the main reason why this lottery is so popular. Thousands throughout the country play it and test their luck to see if their ticket will be the winning one.

In this article, we will get to know all the details of the game, and teach you how to play Powerball. Today is the right day to join and participate in one of the draws that can get you great prizes.

Powerball and Powerball Plus Overview

It seems that the creators of the lottery are doing something right because their game has stuck around for an entire decade. Furthermore, its popularity seems only to be growing. That may be because of the jackpot prize, which is guaranteed and stands at R3 million.

Although the draws take place two times per week, it often happens that no one guesses the right number. If there is no winning ticket, the national operator transfers funds for the next round. As a result, we often see the jackpot pool in the national lottery being more than R100 million.

The statistics indicate that this South African lottery makes approximately R13 million of ticket sales, and most of this money enters the prize pool to make things more interesting for every player.

The Rules of Powerball

If you have ever participated in one of the draws of the national lotto game, you might be aware that you need to predict six numbers that will be drawn from a total of 52 numbers. Available. Unlike that, the Powerball takes a different approach. In this lottery, each ticket has only numbers from 1 to 45 available. Your task is to pick the numbers on a slip to participate in the draws.

As you might assume, there are two separate draws. One of for the basic version of the lottery and the other is for Powerball Plus. The national operator tried to make things easier for players by drawing six numbers instead of five. In other words, during both of the draws, the operator will draw one extra number in the section from 1 to 20.

Although there are some elements of rational thinking and strategy involved, the truth is that Powerball is random. That means you can win the main prize in lottery even if you randomize numbers on your ticket, which is an opportunity that you have when purchasing the slip. You need to emphasize to your local retailer and ask them to activate the QuickPick feature. The computer will choose the numbers on the ticket for you. Your task will be to turn the TV and see how the draws play out to figure out if you are among the winners.

The national draws occur on Tuesday and Friday evening. Apart from the main prize, other awards are available, too, but they are not nearly as tempting as the jackpot.

If you want to buy a Powerball ticket, the combination to buy a ticket for the default game will cost you R5. That is only for the basic version, and if you want to participate in both draws, the total price will be R7.50 (the Plus variant costs an additional R2.50).

When it comes to other limitations, please note that only people 18 years or older can participate in this national lottery. You can purchase a ticket with your desired number up to 30 minutes before the draws begin. The operator claims that each prize is delivered to the respective winner in the shortest possible timeframe.

Should You Play Powerball Plus?

The plus version of the game gives you an extra chance to predict the correct numbers. To play the plus variant, you should tick the required box on the ticket. The rules are the same – you get to pick the desired numbers between 1 to 45. The machine will show a total of six numbers, and those who play should guess all of them to qualify for the grand prize.

It is needless to say that you should make sure to pick reliable and official retailers when purchasing your slips. You can also buy a ticket to play if you register on Ithuba’s website, where you can also purchase slips for other games offered by the national operator.

Not everyone decides to play the plus variant, which is why the main prize is more modest in this lottery. The operator also offers several different prize divisions, which means you can hope to win something even if you only guessed a couple of numbers right. Naturally, the sum you win will directly depend on how many numbers you predicted correctly. As you might expect, the general rule is the higher, the better, so give your best to pick the right combination.

How to Win at Powerball and Powerball Plus

Players use different strategies to win at this national lottery. Some of them stick to the same numbers for months or years hoping that they will be the right combination during the draws. Others, however, prefer to mix and match. They analyze the previous rounds and statistics of the numbers. If a certain number was drawn two times last week, the chances are it won’t happen again next week. Some players utilize a different approach – they always play a couple of numbers from previous draws hoping that they would repeat.

Ultimately, the choice of the combination in Powerball and Powerball Plus is entirely up to you. We would say that you should apply some common sense. For example, the chances are the combination won’t include only the lowest or only the highest numbers. The lottery is, however, entirely random and you can’t win the main prize without being lucky. That is why you should purchase your ticket and hope for the best.



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