Lotto and Lotto Plus

When participating in a national lottery, it is not only about winning big. There are more tempting prizes when playing worldwide lotto, but it is the fact that you are playing the game that your country organizes that is particularly tempting. In South Africa, the official operator is Ithuba, and they are organizing Lotto & Lotto Plus. That is a single lottery that comes with a couple of additional game variations that provide an extra chance to play and guess the right numbers to win money.

The essential rules are the same as in any other lottery, which means that you need to guess the right combination, but let’s find out more about the particular version of the game available in South Africa.

Lotto & Lotto Plus Overview

The crucial thing you should know if you want to play this lottery is that it has been around for over two decades. Although everything started in 2000, Ithuba has been in charge since 2015 as that is when they received their national licenses.

The initial requirement to fulfill is that you need to be at least 18 years old to choose your desired combination of numbers. The age limit is set by the Republic of South Africa and must be followed by all citizens of the country.

Lotto and Lotto Plus are a mixture of three different games. Each of them comes down to guessing the winning numbers. The basic version is Lotto, and there are two plus options, which are considered additional draws and opportunities to guess the right combination.

Ithuba set the minimum limit for the national lottery at R5 per combination. However, keep in mind that the plus variants are an additional charge to that sum. If you want, you can play Lotto Plus to boost your winning chances by playing them, too.

In case you plan to play all three variations of the South African lottery, it will cost you R10. By doing simple math, you can conclude that each of the additional game variants costs you R2.50 to choose the numbers and enter the draw.

Ithuba organizes official drawing of the numbers two times every week and streams them live on national TV. The days when the game draws are organized are Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the evening on those days, you can sit by the TV and check your numbers to see whether your combination is the winning one. If it is, everyone in South Africa will envy you because the main prize in this lottery is incredibly high.

How to Play the National Lottery

While playing Lotto & Lotto Plus organized by Ithuba is fairly simple, guessing the right combination will be a bit more difficult. The lottery includes a total of 52 numbers ranging from 1 to 52. Your task sounds simple – you need to choose the six numbers that will be drawn live on national TV. If you do that, you can expect the huge jackpot. However, keep in mind that your odds stand at 1:14,000,000. It explains why the jackpot rarely finds the owner in this Ithuba lottery.

The game allows you to mark the numbers yourself. However, if you do not have a particular combination, you can tell the operator in your local lotto retailer to randomly generate numbers. Who knows, maybe it is the lucky day, and that will be the winning mixture of numbers.

Don’t forget to choose whether you want to play additional options, too. Once you have your slip ready, save it until the draw starts. Make sure that you are next to your TV and watching the national channel streaming the draw.

It is vital to note that you will see six winning numbers on the screen. However, Ithuba wants to increase your chances of winning. That is why the national operator allows a bonus number that you can mix and match any way you see fit.

How to Play Lotto Plus

When participating in Lotto & Lotto Plus, you shouldn’t forget to test your luck in the additional game variants, too. The Lotto Plus 1 variant has been present in South Africa for over 15 years. The players consider it an extension to the national lottery. Please note that the drawing is completely different compared to the basic ones. If lotto is your favorite game to play, this will extend the thrill during the drawing.

The third chance for guessing the right numbers in the Lotto Plus 2. Please make sure to tick the right boxes to become eligible for these additional versions.

The good news is that Ithuba allows you to choose your combination and play both online and offline. If you prefer heading to your local retailer, that is your choice, but keep in mind that you can choose a combination and which additional game to play even from the comfort of your home.

You can head to the internet and visit the website of the Ithuba national operator. It is quite easy to navigate and purchase a ticket, but please note that you will need to register an account and deposit funds to your website wallet. You can only use the money from this wallet on the site of the South African lottery provider.

Go ahead and purchase as many slips as you want and hope that you have predicted the right combination. Alternatively, you can send an SMS with your information and purchase a ticket with your mobile phone.

Is There a Strategy That Guarantees Winning?

You should know better than looking for a bulletproof strategy for a lottery, especially the one organized on a national level. Your odds are slim, but the jackpot is life-changing. To win it, you will need a little (a lot of) luck.

That being said, you can try utilizing several strategy tips that most players in South Africa use. Whether you are purchasing a basic version or the one mixed with additional variants, your combination of numbers should have different sections. That means you should try to mix odd and even and low and high numbers. As an additional tip, consider analyzing the previous drawings and keep in mind that the statistics might work against a particular number showing several times in a row. However, these are only tips based on statistics, and the ultimate winning number mix in the Ithuba lottery will be completely random.



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