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    The Beowulf Video Slot composing of five reels and forty bet ways was release on the year 2016. It's not your regular games because each stage displays a new scene. In level one, you'll be in a wide area with thousands of your men waiting for the signal to attack.

    You will play in a third person point of view and find out the journey of a simple soldier that became an emperor. After one scene, you need to use as many free slots and obtain the wild or scatter symbols.

    The Wild Card is a metallic gold sword that only Hercules can use, but somehow, your character can lift it easily. You need three to five figures of the sword to pass the current level.

    Scatter symbol is a shield. What it does is that you can manipulate the free slot machines to your advantage. If and only if you have three shields located in the first, second and fourth placement.

    How To Play Online Slot Games?

    • Learn the History

    You need to play slots for real money with Beowulf Casino; it has a higher bet chance which means you gain more than the odds.

    • Understand Payout Table

    The Payout Table is the list of prizes you can gain from any symbols. You need to study it and know the rules of the game. Example: If you bet two coins and land on three gold swords, your payout is 3,000 points. It continues to increment when you bet with a more massive amount.

    • Avoid Deceiving Claims

    Choose a Casino that proves their 'statistics' with raw data. The websites who claim you'll receive the full payment amount is lying because they need to take a way a share percentage to pay government taxes.

    • Progressive Strategy

    Progressive Strategy is when you increase your odds rate. The more you risk is a way to fastest way to reach the jackpot round.

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