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What is the main difference between traditional and video slot games?

Today there is no any striking difference between the two types of the game. The first slots (traditional ones) were mechanical, but today all slot machines are based upon the same principle and use special software instead of real spinning reels. In most cases now traditional slot games are those with three reels, all the rest are video games.

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Are the results on the slots reels random?

YES. All the results on the slots machines are random as the machines operate with a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is constantly checked to make sure that the games are totally random and honest.

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Is it better to play slots online or in land casinos?

In fact there is very little difference between online and offline slot machines as they all are based on RNG and thus the results of the games are always independent. However, online casinos sometimes offer slot games with higher payback percentages up to 99%!

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Is it safe to give your credit card number over the Internet?

YES. All the casinos we suggest you visit are secure and you don't have to worry about your money each time you make a deposit or wish to withdraw money. If you choose to play online please check first information about the casino, its license and any certificates to make sure that all money transactions are fair.

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Does a warm machine have higher chances of winning on it?

NO. No matter the temperature of the machine you have an equal chance of winning at any of them. Moreover, most of the real-life machines would be warm to touch because of the electronics inside of them, therefore ignore this factor.

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What is the best system for beating slots?

There is NO perfect system for beating slots. The main reason for this is that slots are based on luck only, therefore, you will not be able to find any special methods that will help you win when playing slots.

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What is bankroll management at slot games?

Bankroll management is a basic strategy for managing the gambling money during the game. It states that that player must not play with money he cannot afford to lose and must learn about stretching money over time.

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What bankroll is recommended for playing slots?

The size of the bankroll depends on the type of slot machine, its denomination and the period you want to play. On average, there are 360 spins in each hour of play and if to bet 2 coins at a time the player will need about $100 at quarter machines and $20 for nickel machines.

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Is it better to play a high denomination machine?

It is better only if you can afford to play them. These machines are most often offering a bit higher payout percentage, however if you can only afford to play them for a couple of spins it is better to try something else.

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Where can I find the payout percentage for a machine?

Real-life slot machines show the payout percentage on the side of the front panel. Some online machines do not show the payout percentage, but almost all online slots have payouts higher than 91% (the free slots you can find on our site provide payouts of 95%).

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Can there be slots with a 100% return?

Yes. Some casinos do offer 100% payout slots at their casinos to attract players. However, these games do not mean that you will be winning all the time, as these payouts do not come after each bet. Moreover, most of these games are slower and more boring than the rest, therefore not many players choose them.

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What slot machines have the highest payback?

The payback percentages vary from machine to machine and they depend on how the machines were programmed at a particular casino. However, traditionally it is believed that the high-roller slots provide higher paybacks than, for example, quarter or nickel machines. Therefore the higher the coin-denomination of the slot machine the higher the payback. But things can be different as it is the casino owners who decide on the size of the slot machine return.

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Do slot machines have the lowest payback compared to other casino games?

NO. Most slots provide better paybacks than other games. If you prefer to play games of luck you should definitely choose slots as at slot games you have a much better winning chance than, for example, at keno, wheel of fortune, craps and other table games.

What are the benefits of slot tournaments?

The main advantage of the slot tournaments is the high money prizes and also the fun you can get from competing with other players. If you enter a freeroll you don't have to pay an entry fee and that is why this type of slot tournaments is even better.

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